Monday, May 4, 2009

You can now advertise your business on ZOOM Magazine!

Be seen by all ZOOM magazine readers ! Join us today ad spaces are limited!

Pricing for ZOOM Advertising Package:

4000L$/3 months
15.000L$/1 year

Ad Requirements:

Your choice of 125×125px image + link to your SLurl or url.


To start advertising today, please send a notecard in-world to Taylor Flanagan along with the correct payment amount. If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to ask.

Your notecard should include:
- The SLURL or URL to link with your advertisement
- The correct payment amount

- Email your image in the correct size to

- You can update your image and SLurl at any time during. Just send a notecard with the updated information and email your new graphic.

EVENT advertising:

You have a big event coming soon and would like people to know about it !! For a 1000L$ fee it will be posted on this blog for the duration of your event! Send me your ad by email at and your fee in-world to Taylor Flanagan.

Affiliation is also possible just contact Taylor Flanagan in-world for more info.

Need a sponsor for one of your events? Send me a Notecard in-world at Taylor Flanagan. I'll gladly take a look at it!

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