Monday, July 6, 2009

**AF** models search

Do you wanna start a career as a model, but you don't know how? Are you or have you been with a fashion agency, but you'd like to join a group that allows you to be on a catwalk working with the best Italian fashion designers in SL?
Then, don't wait, send your application within July 15th to be selected and or become a model for L'Araba Fenice. We'll teach you how to move on a catwalk thruout our weekly classes. Every month a fashion show will take place here in our land, featuring one of the designers available at our Shopping Center.

** Who are we looking for**
Male or female good looking Avs willing to be actively involved in a new and growing group.

** How to join**
Send a notecard within July 15th and name it "**AF** models search -your name"
and fill it with your full name, Av's date of birth and attach one headshot and one full figure pics (both FULL PERM) and send them to Ginevra Babii.
Join L'Araba Fenice group to be updated about the selection.

Should you be selected, we will send you the group tag for a fee of L$ 100, in order to make sure you are committed and involved. We'll garantee you'll be able to take part to at least one paid monthly catwalk show. Obviously, by participating consistently to our weekly classes you'll be on the fast lane for our fashion shows.

For further explanation, please send a note to Ginevra Babii.


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