Thursday, October 1, 2009

OCTOBERVILLE 2009 Opens October 1st at 2pm SLT!!

What is Octoberville???

Octoberville is a 3D game that takes place within the virtual world of Second Life during the month of October. Octoberville, created by Jacqueline Walton (Cherub Spectre in SL), Matthew Sanders (Master Kaos in SL), and Roger Judd (Nathan Oddfellow in SL), got it's humble start in 2005. New to Second Life, the group of 3 started a small in-world business known as Pixeltrix and created the first Octoberville. It consisted of a haunted house, a small scavenger hunt, an autumn forest, a small street of houses in which to trick-or-treat for candy. The people of Second Life would then come and play in this new place and apparently had a great time. Within weeks news had traveled fast and Octoberville was featured in the Second Life Newsletter.

By the time the next year came around, Octoberville had already started it's fan base, so the company of 3 knew they would have to do it again. Each year they added on to Octoberville, making it more exciting and enticing.

In 2006, they added a haunted train ride, that flew off the tracks, caught you on fire as you rolled through an oil spill, and more awesome effects. They expanded their scavenger hunt to 50 items, added a maze, and included a leaders board for the first 20 completed.

In 2007, they turned Octoberville into an Interactive role-playing game. When visiting, you assumed the role of a detective solving the murders that seemed to center around Octoberville's main character, Dr. Dalton, the crazed scientist that took his work a little to seriously and has lived to regret it. In order to solve the crime you had to find various clues that were automatically recorded in your detective's notebook that you received upon landing. In addition to finding clues, you had to find 100 scavenger hunt items. The makers also introduced the Wall of Fame that would place you among the ranks of detectives upon completing all the tasks to solve the mystery. At the end of a long day of sleuthing, you could relax and dance the night away at the Crowbar dance club, where Matthew Sanders (Master Kaos in SL) would DJ live, spinning your requests while the crowbabies danced for you on stage! If that wasn't enough to wear you out, you could kick back and relax in your car while watching a movie at the Octoberville Drive-In that played a different horror movie every night for free!

In 2008, Pixeltrix added mini-games such as a live-action clue game, helping Ms. Faith Leavenworth find her apples by bobbing for apples in various barrels (hoping you got the right one and not a rotten one!). They also added more special effects, such as following spiders (when you walked through cobwebs), blowing out the side of the caverns (IF you found the dynamite) and added more status levels such as "epics" for those who had solved multiple years' mysteries. They also released the first Octoberville book. The 58-page book tied together the evolving story of Octoberville from the first year through 2008. True to their style, Pixeltrix made you find all 58 pages of the book before you were able to read it.

What will happen in 2009?? That's the question burning in the minds of every Octoberville fan. But unfortunately, we will all have to wait until October 1, 2009 before we will know the answer! I look forward to seeing everyone at this year's Octoberville!


Opening October 1st at 2pm SLT
Master Kaos will also be throwing a major kick Ass party !!!!


xxx Taylor xxx

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