Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cienega Soon Gallery presents Love Lust

Cienega Soon Gallery Presents: Love Lust

Although Love and Lust have a close relation to each other
One Deep
One Shallow
Both Burning
Both Painful
One from the Heart
One from the Mind
The emotion for each is something we never forget.
Mind, Body, Heat, Safety, Desire, Jealousy, Secrets, Madness, Fear and Surrender, all Passion, PASSION that Rocks our very soul.

THIS, A Valentine for YOU!
This display of emotion is worth seeing, seeing if in this group of artists, one has captured your LOVE or LUST

ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Tess Falworth
Mecca Merosi
Daark Gothly -sculpture
fee Quintessa
Kira Westland
Eirela Lane
Stochastic Mode
Stephen Venkman
Adianna Price

Opens Friday at 12:01 am SLT February 12th

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