Friday, February 26, 2010

The Raglan Shire 3rd Annual MardiGras - Steampunk Edition!

MardiGras ala Raglan began with a lovely service and procession for our friend Stillpink who passed away a few weeks back. We dedicated the MardiGras to her memory and as she would have wanted it, Enjoyed a raucous gathering and shindig on the French Quarter with music and balloons and stories and Beads! Then on Sunday we enjoyed fabulous Jazz and Blues music performed live by Ichie Kamachi at the Steampunk MardiGras Stage!

This coming week we have Steampunk MardiGras themed Primtionary on Tuesday & Friday, plus Hedgehog Dj Shandy playing Steampunk & Mardi Gras themed TunEdge at the Paw & Whisker on Wednesday night and theres rumours of a special debut of Swine proportions coming on friday afternoon… Plus of course theres fun stuff on the weekend as Saturday we present Live Music performed by Zdiva Sorbet at 12pm noon from the Mardi Gras Stage followed by Entertainment from Performance Artist: Cellandra Zon at 2pm

Then on Sunday its the Steampunk MardiGras “BLACK & PURKLE” Masquerade Ball from the French Quarter with music from DJ Shady Fox! Its Formal! Its Steampunk! Its Mardi Gras! And the Theme is Black & Purkle to celebrate Shady’s 5th Rezday Come dressed in your finest MardiGras/Steampunk Outfits and Accessories (Black & Purkle colorz!) as we dance it up on the Quarter and vote on this years KING & QUEEN of MardiGras!

Its Cogs, Gears, Beads, feathers, Music, entertainment and STEAM as MardiGras Continues and if you’re interested in participating in the Grand Parade of Floats, be sure and pick up a free Float Kit at the French Quarter! All info and instructions at the Float Kit display!

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