Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Forever a Lost Boy' A Second Life Tribute to Corey Haim

When: Saturday 27th March 2010
Where: Parties:

For the love of Corey , let's make this a big 80's Party!

Schedule SLT :
4am - 7am : DJ Taylor Flanagan
7am - 9am: Dream a little Dream @ the theater
9am - 10am: Khiron Ametza
10am - 2pm: Dj Summer Deadlight
2pm - 3pm: Chandra Deed
3pm - 4pm: DJ Taylor Flanagan
4pm- 6pm: The Lost Boys @ the theater
6pm - 8pm: DJ Mayhem Longfall

Special 80's Performances

by Chandra DeedBeing born in the South gave Chandra her country roots, but traveling with dance bands gave her that funky soul. Her music will either bring back a memory or hopefully help create a new one, by singing songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and current - from Pop to R&B and Rock to Country. Chandra might be new to singing in SL, but is a seasoned entertainer, who sings regularaly in the Windy City of Chicago.

Chandra has been performing in front of audiences since the age of three and shows no signs of slowing down. The only real way to describe her style is to say it is "Music....straight from the heart."

and Khiron Ametza

Her style is Romantic 70's & 80's, Progressive Rock (Pink Floyd, Queen, Yes, Kansas, U2), Discotheque (Abba, Donna Summer, Dianna Ross, etc.) and Jazz sometimes.
Khiron is a brazilian singer, who started her career in the mid-80's working in RL as a crooner at celebrations, festivals and balls. She came to SL and immediately decided she wanted to bring her passion for performing to the SL Music community. She'd been living in Greece, and living and performing in Japan in the end-90's.

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