Thursday, March 4, 2010

SLFONE The Evolution @ Model of THe Month Contest

Sponsored by: Shoo-Shoes, Divine Couture.

From the 1st of February SLFONE The Evolution starts to search for models for its Calendar.

Each Month a jury will decide the best girl to be the face of the Month for our Calendar.

Rules :
1) Join SLFONE The Evolution group in SL
2)Put SLFONE The Evolution mainstore in your picks
3)Submit 2 photos in our flicker group (
-Close up (512 x 512)
-Full Body (512 x 512)
They should be named "SLFONE The Evolution" , " Model of the Month" ,the month of submission.

You can join the contest every month but always with different photos.
Nudity is not allowed.

We accept photos from the 1st until midnight of 20th .
The Winner will be announced on the 23rd of every Month.

Prize L$ 30000

The winner will be and will win :

-1 Month as the Face of the SLFONE Calendar.
-1 Month with her photo in home page., value 10000 linden.
-5000 linden cash.
-3 pairs of shoes and a jewellery set offered by 24 Shoo-Shoes, value 4000 linden.
-Divine Couture gift card , value 4000 linden.
-1 SLFONE with 6 Months of subscription (60 sms + HUD), value 7000 linden.

For more info contact :
Cristal Triellis
Lilli Diker
Danielle Ellenberg

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