Sunday, April 18, 2010

Raglan shire presents SCIFI DIORAMAS.. IN SPAAAAAACE!

K so first off, a Diorama simply means a scene. In this case we’ve set out 14 compartments on the 2nd floor of Spaceport Raglan. We’re inviting folks to come by and claim one of the compartments by clicking the little green galaxy buttons located in each compartment. You’ll be allocated 15 prim to create a SciFi themed scene per compartment. Please do not use more then 15 prim! If you’re not in the Artisan Group contact one of the various folks who can add you to the group so you can place your things down. This will be a temporary Invite so you can do your build then we’ll remove you from the group as the Artisan Group is the land group and really only for shop and cottage folken.

I wish we could have more spaces for folks to do their own diorama in the Spaceport but space inside and Prim availability prevents us from having anymore. That being said. We’re looking forward to seeing what participating folks come up with! This is NOT a contest, this is not about prizes or trophies, this is just a fun way to show your creativity during our 3rd Birthday & SciFi celebration! All Dioramas will remain throughout the entire 3 weekend run of the Sci Fi Month. Be creative, be science fictiony and have fun!


in the Tiny SciFi Month celebration in Raglan Shire through April 25.


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