Sunday, May 2, 2010

Evenementia presents SIMODE International Fashion Fair

International Fashion Fair.


This June will be marked by a big event: the international fashion fair.
Principle is to present to the SL community, a fair where are all designers/creators of various styles and also all “jobs” bound to Fashion world.
So, we’ll find photographers and workers on pics, model agencies, artists, fashion papers, communication and design companies, etc…
This fair will be open June 1st and end the June 30th. It’ll be on two sims.

All designers and creators are invited to come to this fair where the aim is to offer, for a month, a dynamic place gathering together all that is made in Fashion world to make it discovered by the public. It is also a good advertisement for all fashion pros that will be in.

Every day, events will be organized offering the best visibility to the designers who will have rented a place on the spot during this month.
(See « renting rubric » to know prices and advantages)

To visitors, every day there will be events and activities based on the fashion. (See “Events/animations” rubric)

On the spot, reception hosts will be there in order to help people.
One of the bets of this event is to make a living, unique, dynamic place showing creativity on SL.

Communication tools:
* Advertising campaign
* Advertising Hud
* Radio partner
* Advertising groups.

Blog rubrics:
* Regular little articles on the event.
* Team / Contact
* Professionals’ Listing
* Events
* Sponsorship
* Advertising offers

Place 1 : Made in Jura sim
Place 2 : France3D Virtualya sim

Animations / Events :
* Mister Avatar World 2010
* Fashion shows
* Fashion designing courses.
* Modelling courses.
* Fashion exhibits.
* Relooking courses.
* Photo session/ photo courses.
* Designers interviews.
* Models interviews.
* Hunts
* Clubbing evenings.
* Fashion quiz.
* « Models » evenings.
* Photographer evenings:
* « Model Agency » evenings
* « Fashion papers »evenings.
* Concerts
* Auction of unique outfits made for the event.
* Treasure Hunt for the last 15 days.
* Exhibitors events (planning during reservations)

• Shops
1) Small-sized : 30 prims 12x12  3500L$/month
2) Medium-sized: 60 prims – 24x12  5000L$/ month
3) Large-sized: 100 prims – 24x24  6000L$ / month

This renting allows you 2 advantages on the event:

1) To suggest an event / presentation evening:
The exhibitor can suggest an event he wants to organize at his own charge.
(Fashion show, presentation, conference, business promotion)
Our team is taking care of placing this event in the calendar depending on sims’ availabilities, and to put the place at the disposal. The event will be integrated to the general planning, and the advertising also the welcoming will be done by us.

2) To take part in events without paying more.
Fashion shows will be organized all the month through for designers. We suggest you a fashion show with seven outfits you chose.
You can also take part in a hunt/ treasure hunt…
We also suggest openings for photographers, or presentations during « photographers’ evenings ».
Model agencies will have a priority place during agencies presentation evenings or interviews.
Present your expertise to other designers and to the public…

• Ad boards:
They’re large…

Landmark and notecard delivery:
-TP point: 4000L$ / month
-In the sims: 2000L$ / month
-On the Website: 3000L$ / month
Tapering rate from 3 boards rented.

• Sponsoring:
Do you want to be an official sponsor for one of our event like Mister Avatar or “Models evening”?

Please contact us soon…

Partners of the event:
-Jura and Juracom website
-France3D sims
-JetSetLife radio and Hippo radio.

Organization chart:

Lalabel Demina
Iko Aker

Editor and website Manager :
Iko Aker

Planning Events Manager :
Lalabel Demina

Host & Model Manager :
Annah Cham

Communication Manager :
Kryss Holmer

Advertising & Commercial Manager :
Lalabel Demina (french)
Iko aker (english)
Annah Cham ( FR/EN)

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