Monday, June 7, 2010

SIMODE Monday 7th june 2010 Schedule

Monday, June 7th, 12.30PM : Fashion Show organized by “Silhouette Agency”

Tonight, “Silhouette Agency” is suggesting you a quality fashion show by showing you the superb collection “Alafolie” by Pixivor Allen. Both floral, cheerful and also very glamour, this collection will seduce you with its quality and variety. The competence of “Silhouette Agency” and its representatives will finish off this show. Don’t miss this show here.

Monday, June 7th, 12PM: Truli Lionheart at the Fashion Fair.

Singer, author and composer, Truli is a performer who lives his passion since a few years. For him, Second Life is an excellent way to share his art. He loves cover various times and styles like rock, country and blues. He has many references: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash and Travis Tritt. An artist to discover here:

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