Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wootmas Season at Raglan Shire


Gosh… There’s just so much going on during this Wootmas season on the Shire… But before talking about all that.. Lets talk TREE TOPPER!! Our Lovely Raglan Community Tree needs a Tree topper so the Cry goes out to the very community it represents! YOU! *points at you!*

For 4 years running now we’ve asked members of the Raglan Community to design and create a Tree Topper to Adorn the Tree! If YOU would like to Create a Tree Topper, here’s wot you need to know!

Tree Topper can be up to 25 prims! Once you’ve created your Masterpiece, Send it Full Perms to ME (Zayn Till.. Bunneh)by December 21st! I will display all the Submissions for all to see & we will have the community vote on the winner which will then go atop the Tree :)

Regardless of who wins, All the Tree Toppers will remain out on display for the remainder of the Wootmas WInterfest! Its yet another way to be creative and have your efforts seen! WOOTMAS!!


So wot IS going on right now on the Shire?

Today the Raglan Artisans unveiled THE 12 DAYS OF WOOTMAS!! Every Day till Wootmas, starting today, You can pick up a Special Paw crafted Present created by one of the talented Artisans! Just look for the Big sign at the Winterfest Village on Mount Waffle to get yours! Only one a day so be sure and collect em all!


Also this past weekend the Now traditional Raglan Shire Caroling began! Tiny residents and community folken have been visiting all over the grid bringing Tiny Raglan cheer by caroling for avatars of all shapes and sizes! Nothing spreads the Wootmas Message of joy & friendship better then Tinies singing traditional Wootmas songs!


Theres only a few days Left to Get you Submission in to the 4th Annual Ice Sculpty Sculpture Competition! If you haven’t started yet, thats ok! There’s still a few bases available and 4 days! Plenty of time! Touch the Ice Sculpture Signs located at the Heron Forest Sculpture area, The WInterfest Village and the Silicube for info!


There’s still much to come in the following days…. Look for the AMAZING WInter Maze of ADVENTURE to appear featuring a labrynth laden with clues & riddles and possible Wintery Peril along the way!!


Look for more Parties, Live Musical performances & Stuff cuz its WOOTMAS TIME!


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