Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raglan Shire presents SUMMER OF WOOT

It’s summer in Raglan and it’s SIZZLIN! There is so much OSSUM stuffage to do in the Shires this summer – play Prim Charades, catch a movie with your sweetie at the drive-in theater, take a class at Raglan U, have a picnic with friends, Haiku Speed Build, TSW shopping, Poetry Slam, Thursdays with DJ Shandy, Sci-Fi Radio Theater, or just chill out OOLside. So much to do it’s overwheming!! *thud*

Summer WOOTSTOCK begins on July 16 – two days of peace, love, waffles, and some of the best music in Second Life. Check out the event calendar for the line up.

This week in Raglan:

Thursday, July 7
7:00pm – DJ Shandy

Friday, July 8
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL

Saturday, July 9
7:00am – Raglan Haiku Speed Build

Sunday, July 10
8:00am – Sci-Fi Radio Theatre – Raglan Galaxy

Monday, July 11
6:00pm – Raglan Shire Poetry Slam

Tuesday, July 12
10:30am – Prim Charades

Wednesday, July 13
12:00pm – Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady

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