Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raglan Shire presents Shocktober

The castle is gone and the Haunted House and swamp have risen in it’s place. Shocktober officially kicks off this weekend and there will be so much to do in Raglan. Haunted houses and carnivals and trick or treat… so much stuffage it’s INSANE. Keep an eye on the events calendar and the forum for event details. Shocktober forum linky thing

What’s going on in the Shire this week?

Monday, October 3
6:00pm – Poetry Slam at Stevebucks

Tuesday, October 4
10:30am – Prim Charades
4:00pm – Raglan U – Halloween Flying Ghost class with Kayak

Wednesday, October 5
2:00pm – Raglan U – Wednesday with Toady

Thursday, October 6
7:00pm – DJ Shandy

Friday, October 7
5:00pm – Prim Charades Friday SL

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