Thursday, October 25, 2012

You are all cordially invited to join us! October 29th 01:30 PM SLT on SoloEvane Main stage! "Season of the witch", Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy’s newest graduation class featuring the incredible designs of Alb Dream Fashion’s by Analee Balut, ShuShu by Shushu Congrejo, Blush Skins by Marie Whitfield and Ymir Coronet and Morgane Batista Model Poses. ....if you miss are fool!!!!!!!!!!!! Models: Manon Clary Sofia Vectoscope Kat879 NatalieWells Resident Yuikha Resident Eavanya Firelyte Tiszo Cioc Host: Ellendir Khandr Show Direction: Mimmi Boa and Betty Draesia Invite concept: Sequoia Nightfire Stage Architect: Alicedimax Taurog

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