Sunday, May 26, 2013

Excuse my french Hunt

Excuse my French  Hunt is a gridwide Hunt, organized by a collective of designers, bloggers and event planners.

This Hunt is dedicated to promoto french-speaking designers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, … and show that they have talent !  Participating stores have been selected and invitated by our team, but if you want to apply, feel free to send a mail :
Bloggers, applications are open now, fill the application here. Application will be closed June 10th and selected bloggers will be informed and invited to the blogger group in the next few days.  (Free group slot needed !)
Everyone can be a hunter ! All the gift are free to grab, so don’t hesitate to share the good deal around you. A list of stores and hints is available here, and you can join the Hunter group inworld !
(Be careful, give the exact position of the gifts in the group chat  is Forbidden ! )
Excuse my French Hunt is organized by Oursinette Bruun, Chloe Seljan, Jialia Resident & Loute Diesel

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