Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Evenementia presents MISTER AVATAR WORLD 2010

The famous Organizers of Miss Avatar World 2010 now presenting Mister Avatar World 2010 Contest.

It’s a male avatars beauty contest putting forward designers work (clothes, jewels, shoes).
It’s free and open to all avatars who want to participate.

This contest is linked in some steps:

You have to subscribe through Lalabel Demina, Iko Aker, Annah Cham or Kryss Holmer.
While subscribing, please send two photos of you (a portrait and a full body) in a notecard, with the name and first name of your avatar, its rezzday and nationality.

The contest jury will select 18 avatars among all candidatures, which will compose the first casting of Mister Avatar World 2010 election.
So these 18 candidates will enter the Mister Avatar 2010 contest.

Winnings (not clearly defined at the moment):
Mister Avatar 2010: 10,000L$ + prizes.
2nd: 5000L$ + prizes.
3rd: 2000L$ + prizes.

There will be limited and “here” at each contest step.
Indeed, they will enjoy advertising boards (with LM and notecards) during each turn.
“Contracts” among sponsors and the Team will be done on a case by case basis: please contact us.

More info and website coming soon

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