Friday, May 28, 2010

Novice Contest Models

Novice models contest:
The International Fashion Fair 2010 will see the organization of two contests « Novice Models ». The goal is to make know and promote new personalities who wish to become professional models.


This contest is open to all avatars (male and female) who wish to become a professional model and so to attract attention on them during it.
The principle is simple: you have to parade in 4 different outfits and so to attract attention on your style, avatar or original feature.
All photographers, models agencies or other fashion professionals are invited to come discover these future models, in order to recruit them or something else.

*Saturday, June 12th at 7AM.
*Monday, June 28th at 1PM.

You can only participate once to this contest, so you chose only one of the two dates.

Registration conditions:
Please send now your candidature to Lalabel Demina, Iko Aker, Annah Cham or Kryss Holmer before June 8th for the first contest date (June 12th) or before June 24th for the second contest date (June 28th).
We ask professional models to not participate to this contest intended for novice people.

Your registration candidature has to be done on a notecard specifying:
Avatar Name:
Avatar First Name:
Avatar Birthday:
Avatar Sex:
Choice of the day (June 12th or June 28th):

And write: “I recognize hereby have read the notecard “Contest Models- International Fashion Fair 2010” in its entirety and accept all conditions and rules clauses. Furthermore, I’m registering permitting organizing society to take pictures of my avatar and publish them on websites and blogs.”

Send this notecard to one of the persons in charge, in no modify, copy and transfer.

Rules and evening unfolding:
*Candidates have to parade 4 times each in turn:
1-In classical/ casual outfit.
2-In underwear/ swimsuit.
3-Evening outfit.
4-Choice of the outfit most representative of your personality.

The parade order will be given to you before the evening.
Boys will be first, and then the girls.

Each contest, a man and a woman will be winners.

*A jury composed of 6 representative fashion members will mark each parade /10. At the end of the contest, each candidate will have a mark /40 per judge. (4X10)
The amount of all jury marks will indicate models’ classification order.

* Candidates promise to be here 30 minutes minimum before the beginning of the contest or they can be eliminated.
* Organizers reserve the right to eliminate a candidate whenever they want and for various reasons.
* When you subscribe, please specify you read all rules and approve them.
“I, (Avatar’s name and first name), recognize I read rules and approve them. I also agree to be photographed and that these photos are used in-game and in websites or blogs”.
(Put subscription notecard in “no modify”)

*If there are too many candidates, places will be limited to those who send notecards first.

• 500L$ for the man and the woman.
• + Prizes given by sponsors.

There will be limited and “here” at each contest step.
Indeed, they will enjoy advertising boards (with LM and notecards) during each turn.
“Contracts” among sponsors and the Team will be done on a case by case basis: please contact us.

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